What is Digital Scrapbooking

Are you wondering “What is Digital Scrapbooking”? Let us explain!

It’s never been easier to take pictures! And now that the vast majority of these pictures are digital, we have tons options for what to do with them. Have you ever…

  • Used an app to enhance a photo to make it look better?
  • Played around with cropping your photos, or applying filters?
  • Decorated them with fun clip art or added text, frames, or other design elements?

Good news! You are already well on your way to digital scrapbooking! Digital scrapbooking takes embellishing photos to the next level.  Using software like Photoshop, you get to combine your photos with specially designed digital graphics to create unique works of art celebrating the special moments in your life.

Digital Scrapbooking layout steps

Similar to paper scrapbooking, with digital scrapbooking you get to decide how you want your finished page to look. You get to choose a color scheme, background paper, and unique embellishments for decoration – all of which we sell in our shop! To make it easy, you can purchase “kits” full of digital files coordinated around a theme. All of the digital files can be enlarger, rotated, flipped, recolored and combined with other digital supplies to match your creative inspiration.

desktop with photoshop and digital layout in process
finished digital scrapbook layout printed in book

Once your digital scrapbooking layout is completed, you can print it on your printer or send it to a professional printer to get bound books made. They are great gifts for everyone you know! You can also email your layouts to friends or post them on your favorite social media page. Your friends “like” your photos, but they will LOVE seeing the amazing things you can do with them with digital scrapbooking.

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